Eid Mubarak

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak
Ps. Don't take the 'biatches' literally :P


Karamilah said...

mbarken 3eedich w 3asach min il3aydeen wil fayzeen inshallah

Grey said...

wish you a happy EID TOO..

mb said...

you should write a book. seriously, you're way over qualified to be JUST writing on a blog. If you're as good in you studies as you are in writing, I want you to be my kids' doc ;)

When are you going to show us what you look like?

Single and Fabulous said...

Eid mubarak to you too =)

Mike said...

I've perused the site and have not seen a single vagina, let alone a vagina engaged in soliloquies.

How disappointing.

Maya // مايا said...

Karamilah: Thanks 7abeebty :) ****huggles****

Grey: Thanks Mister :P Been sometime, aye?

Single & Fab: Merci! How've you been? :D

Mike: The latest post will put an end to the disappointment for sometime :)

Maya // مايا said...

MB: Aww thanks. :) You're sweet indeed. :P

When can you see me? Uh.. inshallah sometime soon :P