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Thursday, October 16, 2008


A writer, an artist, a social and human rights activist and a citizen of the world. How did a 20-something year old medical student get all mish-mashed? I have no idea. Heck... if I knew, it wouldn’t be a question anymore! Call me the Jill of all trades but I’d much prefer to be known as a Renaissance Woman.

Art, biology, chemistry, history, languages, law, literature, political science, psychology, spirituality.. you name it and I’m interested in it (probably except for cats, hikes, math and physics). I wanted to be a lawyer, a clinical psychologist, a detective and environmentalist once upon a time.

I used to hate getting into politics- discussing them, etc but things changed as I started to witness stupidity and injustice. I’m not a major political-buff but I do enjoy being well-informed- especially when it regards the Middle-East. I spend my free time watching documentaries on Al Jazzy, BBC, CNN and what not. Don’t be fooled though- I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace and a few other serials too!

I do my best to focus on the positive things in life and am a firm believer in the power of the mind. Thoughts create reality. What you think is what you create. The outer world is merely a symbolic representation of that which is within. Living my life with gratitude is very important to me and I therefore start & end the day with meditation.

All my relationships are blissful and filled with love. Support, compassion, understanding and acceptance are some of the words that resonate with my relationships. I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.

After I'm done with med school, I hope to do my residency in pediatrics. I love children and hope to build homes for them around the world. They won't be orphans anymore- they have God & me!

Maya Profile

52 Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

1. I’m 1.85m tall without heels.
2. I don’t enjoy scrubbing into surgeries.
3. I’m vegetarian.
4. I’m so hyper, I could bring Jesus down.
5. I have a Bachelors in sweetness, a Masters in seduction and a PhD in sarcasm.
6. I can’t sleep unless I’m under a comforter- even in the summers.
7. I melt at any temperature above 24 deg C.
8. I don’t engage in pre-marital sex.
9. I love ginger candy.
10. I don’t believe in polygamy.
11. I eat orange peel and love it.
12. I prefer soy milk to plain milk. Flavored milk is ok and no, I’m not lactose intolerent.
13. I lived in Singapore for 13 years.
14. My right pinky got dislocated when I was 14 and I didn’t get it popped back.
15. I think effervescent multi-vitamins taste better when they’re eaten.
16. I had the biggest crush on Captain Planet once upon a time.
17. I share the same birthday with my mother- she got married two days before her 19th birthday and gave birth to me on her 20th birthday.
18. Acting & public speaking is in my blood- my mom had her own TV show when she was 17/18 & was a known debater. Daddy is a well-respected public speaker.
19. My mouth never takes a holiday.
20. I abso-freggin-lutely love children.
21. I cannot stand injustice of any form.
22. I’m highly-opinionated.
23. I love spicy food.
24. I love to eat green apples with salt.
25. I love ginger ale- its my favorite drink ever.
26. I’m not a breakfast person. I just can’t eat so early in the morning.
27. The arabic is speak is a mixture of the Lebanese & Kuwaiti dialects.
28. I’m highly intuitive.
29. I know what its like to live alone and I don’t quite enjoy it.
30. I think Dr. Phil needs to see himself.
31. I meditate.
32. I enjoy reading.
33. I love watching serials and documentaries alike. Romantic comedies, medical drama and reenactments, women’s issues and Middle-Eastern documentaries fuel me.
34. I shared lollipops with my brother Bruno, a german shepherd.
35. Bruno was put to sleep because he suffered from severe arthritis, a slip-disc and couldn’t walk.
36. I may come across as someone who’s really strong and determined and may intimidate people but I’m a softie at heart- really sensitive too.
37. I don’t enjoy hiking.
38. My tongue and brain are weirdly-connected. After tasting something, I work backwards & re-create its recipe.
39. I dislike cats despite the fact that a pregnant one came up to me and coaxed me into rubbing her belly for her while I was playing table-tennis.
40. I cannot study unless I use my own hand-written notes and unless my place is clean.
41. I started drinking coffee at 22 and a half years old and I really enjoy a cuppa in the morning.
42. I have zero interest in American politics and don’t follow it (no, never followed the elections either).
43. I have a little sister.
44. I’m pro-plastic surgery. (No, haven’t had any.)
45. I love french manicures.
46. My eye-makeup is always dramatic & I don’t like using various colors.
47. I love the smell of henna.
48. I think Ally Mcbeal would've had it better if she became a lesbian.
49. I love tea with Persian sugar (heat sugar + water + saffron and pour it into a big plate and break it into pieces when it has cooled down and solidified.)
50. I love singing and I've been told I sound like Elissa, LOL. There's a difference, obviously.
51. I overcome fear with the wish to really help people. I want to to places like Gaza and Iraq where they really need medical help.
52. I have a penchant for languages and speak Arabic, English, Hindi, Italian, Romanian and Tamil. I understand some Chinese, Malay, Spanish and French and but am less fluent (just like my Hindi & Tamil). I picked up most of the languages from watching loads of soaps and movies on TV :D

About the V Monologues

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In a world where it is so easy to connect with one another, we still remain very much disconnected. There is a whole world of wonder out there that we cannot appreciate. Writing is my way of reaching the world. I may not literally be able to travel to every single country and talk to every single person but I do know that one place we all meet- Cyberia.

You’re probably one of those people who happened to be shocked by the almost-cliche’ title of my blog. Why the vagina? Because its not about the breasts and its not about the pee-pee. I firmly believe in the power of the coochie. No, we women not better or worse than men but we are generally more feeling-oriented. In this extremely macho world, people suppress and subsequently lose their own femininity. This blog is dedicated to the revival and encouragement of the feminine qualities of authenticity, beauty, compassion, empathy, love, service, sharing, sincerity, trust and truthfulness keeping in mind that even if a man were to function at his highest peak of intelligence, he would have to be guided by his heart- his inner-female if you will.

“The Vagina Monologues- Tales of the Hole Every Person Should Have.” is my fourth attempt at blogging. The first three blogs were merely dabbles where I didn’t commit as much effort nor energy as I would’ve liked to. I also lost my way in this little journey of mine and went off-tangent with regards to my life purpose. My sense of purpose is re-instilled, my soul is revived and this blog has been resurrected. The pen is mightier than the sword they say. I say its the keyboard. This blog is a living testimony of that.

Do enjoy your stay and be blessed.

Yours coochie-woochie-ly,

Where Do Women Pee From?

Monday, October 6, 2008

I was having a gynecological discussion with a couple of people and all of a sudden we started talking about where women pee from. I was shocked to discover that a whole bunch of morons didn't know where women pee from! Oh and dig this- many of them were women and medical students themselves!

The Vah-Jay-Jay

Alright so where does a woman pee from? No googling.
A. Clitoris
B. Urethral Opening
C. Vagina
D. Anus

Answer: B: Urethral opening.
Clitoris: An erectile tissue with no substantial physiological function besides sexual function.
Vagina: Distends to envelop the male's penis during sexal intercourse. It is the receptacle for sperm, the passage way for menstrual blood, vaginal discharge and the fetus during childbirth.
Anus: Where bodily waste is excreted from.