Where Do Women Pee From?

Monday, October 6, 2008

I was having a gynecological discussion with a couple of people and all of a sudden we started talking about where women pee from. I was shocked to discover that a whole bunch of morons didn't know where women pee from! Oh and dig this- many of them were women and medical students themselves!

The Vah-Jay-Jay

Alright so where does a woman pee from? No googling.
A. Clitoris
B. Urethral Opening
C. Vagina
D. Anus

Answer: B: Urethral opening.
Clitoris: An erectile tissue with no substantial physiological function besides sexual function.
Vagina: Distends to envelop the male's penis during sexal intercourse. It is the receptacle for sperm, the passage way for menstrual blood, vaginal discharge and the fetus during childbirth.
Anus: Where bodily waste is excreted from.


Grey said...

lmao ! *flashback*

wont ansewr it

ren_crow said...

women pee?

Anonymous said...

C 4 sure.
Ana badi prize

Karamilah said...

it is not C, it is B, god there are lots of holes down there.lol.

Anonymous, ur mixing between intercourse hole and urine hole

shady said...

a for feelin
b for ma baraf
c for 1
d for 2

Maya // مايا said...

Grey: LoL! Do share!

ren_crow: HAHAHA. Nah. We just smoke like chimneys, drink like fishes (or fish if you'd like) and dress like our mothers. (Yay for Bridget Jones)

Karamilah: LOOOL! OmG! I just looked at the pic and burst out laughing! LMAO! How right you are :P Loads of holes indeed :D

Mashallah ya 7abeebty.. "intercourse hole" :D wayed cute! :D

Anon &Shady: No, No, No! Thank God for Karamilah :P

Anonymous said...