Chinese Comdome-d Hairbands

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions" they say. This gives it a whole new meaning. Perhaps the Chinese have taking recycling a bit too far?

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Ps. No, those aren't my hands!

I'm not sure about you girls out there but I sure don't particularly enjoy getting my hair starched.


Grey said...

I have read somewhere that it transmitted VD to unsuspecting women who have the habit of holding the hair band in thier mouth before tieng the hair ...
Those chinese are genius i tell you..

Karamilah said...

they aren't genius,
that's disgusting

ren_crow said...

Is that supposed to be some sort of female contraceptive device? Sure as hell looks like one. Gross.

Maya // مايا said...

Grey: Yuck! I've never really understood why women hold their rubberbands in their mouths! Yuckity yuckity yuck! Serves 'em right!
And to think they just never give up! :)

Karamilah: Argh! Tell me about it! Disgusto to the max!

Renny: LOL! OMG! Haven't they heard of birth control?! :P

chitra said...

I dont get it, what is this??
What's your new blog??? Im dying to read your posts again!!